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Our people are our most important asset, because the quality of our guest experience cannot exceed the abilities of our team.  We therefore treat every member of staff extremely well and do our utmost to help them achieve their full potential.

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What's in it for you? 

Discover why working with Elegance Hotels Group is so rewarding
A truly rewarding career - in every sense.  

Elegance Hotels Group is one of the most highly respected companies in the Vietnam hospitality industry.  We have an unrivalled reputation for the quality of the services we offer and for the way we look after, develop and reward everyone on our team.  The two things go together – we need to get the very best out of our people to create guest experiences that simply cannot be rivalled.  So if you have a passion for excellence you’ll like it here!

As a privately owned family run company we are not answerable to shareholders who only look at the bottom line.  This gives you greater job security and also means we can afford to treat each other with respect and compassion – like members of our extended family   You’ll be welcomed, supported and made to feel that the company is your “home away from home” - we work hard to have fun, make friends and thrill our guests.

Salaries are competitive and there are a number of bonuses and incentive schemes.  When recruiting we value experience and qualifications but we also employ people who display raw talent, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.  Career progression opportunities are excellent with exceptional training and development programmes in place to help you swiftly achieve your full potential.  We pride ourselves on our open door policy - you will have access to a manager at any time, even to the Managing Director.  

We will also help you with funding for external professional qualifications. What’s more, your hard work and commitment is regularly recognised with a number of monthly and annual awards. 

We actively encourage you to make full use of your language skills to enhance the guest experience and also encourage you to broaden your experience by working at a number of our different properties. We also exceed our corporate social responsibilities and give staff two days paid time each year for charity work.

For all these reasons staff want to stay – our record of staff retention is way above the industry average. If you’d like to hear from members of the team why they find it so rewarding to be part of the Elegance Hotels Group Family  click here .


Learn about the unique philosophy at the heart of our success
Discover an extraordinary company with a unique philosophy
In 10 years we opened 9 hotels with an 10th hotel soon to open. We are proud that over 90% of our staff who joined us in the early 2000s are still with us now and we hope they will continue the journey with us in years to come.


Hanoi Elegance 1, Hang Bac Street, Ha Noi Opens 1st May 2006 (Closed)
Hanoi Elegance 2, Ma May Street, Ha Noi Opens 1st Nov 2006 (Closed)
Hanoi Elegance 3, Hang Bong Street, Ha Noi Opens 15th Jan 2007 (Closed)
Hanoi Elegance Ruby, 3 Yen Thai, Ha Noi Opens 8th Oct 2008
Hanoi Elegance Diamond, 32 Lo Su, Ha Noi Opens 15th May 2010
Hanoi Elite, 10 Dao Duy Tu Street, Ha Noi 13th October 2010
Hanoi Elegance Emerald, 18 Lo Su, Ha Noi Opens 1st May 2013
Essence Hoian, Hoi An old town, Opens 1st August 2013
Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa, 94 Ma May, Opens 13th November 2014
Hanoi La Siesta Trendy Hotel & Spa, 12 Nguyen Quang Bich, opens 1st March 2016
Every single member of staff, their dedication, passion and hard work has made the Hanoi Elegance boutique hotel chain one of the most respected in Vietnam. We are consistently at the top of hotel review sites and listings for Hanoi. We have established a reputation for impeccable quality and 5 star ethos. We invite you to come and experience our unrivalled service. Our journey continues and so will our story.


Helping you reach your full potential and achieve your personal ambitions
Whatever your job role at Elegance Hotels Group you will find we provide the training and development you need to progress in your career.

Bringing out the best in our employees
Our Training and Development Plan is second to none.  For a start, what we say we’re going to do, we do. We don’t make empty promises – we want to fulfil your dreams with you, help you achieve your personal goals, the same way you will help us achieve our business goals. The personalised service you see in our hotels starts with the personalised training we provide to our employees. We won’t just provide you with the basics, we will also offer learning opportunities that can be applied in your personal life and which are internationally recognised beyond our own organisation.  We want to bring out the best in you, which is good for us and good for you, too. Encouraging you to develop new skills and to broaden your expertise helps us to motivate our team, so keeping our service to guests at the highest level.


Help you achieve your potential
We have over 20 internally run training courses that occur nearly every day throughout the year. We also have four dedicated trainers in our HR department in Vietnam.  The courses we run are divided into Foundation Skills for Team Members, Foundation Skills for Managers, Technical Skills and Developmental Skills.

Foundation Skills for Team Members
These courses cover the vital areas of great customer service and allow individuals to feel more confident and comfortable doing their day-to-day jobs. We expect all employees to attend these courses. 

Foundation Skills for Managers
We expect all Managers to attend these courses. The courses are based around looking after your team and getting the best from them as a result. 

Technical Skills
These skills are for particular departments or job roles within the Hotels. These include specialist courses for all Front Office employees and the ‘Practical Training Certificate’ for people who want to improve their training skills, a qualification from an external awarding body that is recognised outside Elegance Hotels Group. 

Developmental Skills
These courses are aimed at people who want to develop within the business but who are not necessarily ready for their next position - they will help you get where you want to go. 

In addition to these internal training courses you may be able to apply for our college sponsorships - we fund qualifications that can be attained at local colleges. 

Wherever you see your future taking you, the skills and competencies you learn at Elegance Hotels Group will always serve you well. We look forward to working with you and watching you grow.


We set ourselves very high standards and expect to exceed them.  We therefore employ people who have extraordinary dedication, expertise, and above all else enthusiasm for taking care of our guests.

Interested applicants should fill in a Application Form  and send the completed and signed form togerther with cover letter, relevant degrees and certificated to the following address:

Human Resources Department
Add: Asia Tower, Unit 402, 6 Nha Tho Str., Hanoi, Vietnam.
Tel   : (+84 24) 3862 2222 or (+84) 904. 722. 770 (Mobile)