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1. Intensive desire to prove yourself.

Regardless of which business sector one specializes in, all business people have the same powerful desire to succeed. After graduating from high school, I myself struggled to earn the money to pay for my college education. A sudden turn of events led me into the tourism industry.  The difficulties I faced in student life motivated me to overcome my hardships.

2. Interested in people around you.

Buying and Selling are the main factors of business. For this very reason, to be successful, you need to pay attention to how to improve the quality of life and satisfy every single need of the customer. Make them feel you understand and care

3. Confidence.

Successful business people have strength and confidence in their every step, word and expression. They have dignity, good clothes and are articulate. They believe in themselves and are confident in who they are.

4. Empathy.

Business does not mean you have a cold heart. You need to balance success with warmth and sincerity. When you really care about what the customer wants and a customer’s situation, you will develop a friendly understanding. Empathy and trust develops which forms a great connection and bond.

5. Focus on the intended target.

In business, you need to set out your goals and present them clearly. You will then know exactly what you are trying to achieve. The goal is a guideline to help you focus and become highly efficient.

6. Persistence - persistence.

Businessmen know how to make a step by step plan to reach their goal. They have the strategies for efficient time management and effective implementation.

7. Enthusiasm even in difficult situations.

You cannot change the past nor control the future. So the best advice is to work hard each day, make the most of the time and live with passion. If you are facing difficulties write down the issues in your way and assess them with a cool head. 9 times out of 10 you will see that the problems are not as complicated as you think and you will find the best way to resolve them.

8. Optimism.

Don’t get caught up in jealousy, anger or negativity. Don’t let pessimism grind you down and divert you from those important goals.

9. People, then money.

Successful business people know how to empathize with people and how to use money sensibly. They know that one has to spend money to make money. They invest wisely in ways that best serve the customer.

10. Invest in knowledge.

Business people have to learn throughout their whole lives. Information and knowledge are never redundant. They never stop learning how to be more successful in business.

Do Van Dan (Mr)
General Manager, Elegance and Elite Hotels Group.